Description: Looking for 1964 - 1968 Chevy II / Nova exhaust manifold and any other 62-68 Chevy II / Nova parts.
16-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Mainly looking for 45 and 78 sizes.
14-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a vacuum cleaner. Doesn't have to be in working order (I'm willing to tinker with it).
14-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Moving soon and in dire need of furniture! Nothing has to match Specifically, ino the following: Tables (dining, coffee, side, kitchen) Chairs (at least 2, at most 4) Toddler booster seat Entertainment center for a small tv Bookshelves (free standing and/or wall shelves) Kid furniture of any kind Lamps/lamp stands Drawers Really just anything anyone doesnt want would do. Live in Clifton Heigrs/...
13-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Maybe you have a big pine tree that sheds a lot, maybe you have some leftover for gardening. Looking for approx 1 lb or 1 cubic foot to mulch around 3 small rhododendrons. Will pickup.
9-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Medium to Large size preferred. Thank you!
6-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
wanted' trailer hitch that fit a 01 Toyota tocama,email me at vetvietnam@hotmail.com
5-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
My baby is 1 1/2 year and he loves books but im mot able to afford it at this time, if someone has some books to donate us we ll be so happy. Thank you.
5-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
i'm in need of women's casual clothing for my new job. Pants, Jeans size 12/13 and shirts large. A pair of tom or sperry like shoes in a size 10 thanks in advance
3-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a washer dryer for new apartment ASAP
2-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Hey there! I am graduating from the university of louisville this summer, and I will be moving back home to New York soon, so if anyone has any moving boxes they would be willing to part with instead of going through the hassle of breaking them down and recycling them, I would be glad to take some off your hands!!
2-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for any kind of cage that would be suitable for guinea pigs. Thank you.
1-Jul-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a free of inexpensive working Fridge that you no longer want or need. Thank You!
30-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Transistor radio or solid state.
28-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
I need some lumber to build a bed...(x6) 2x12 pine, (x5) 2x3 lumber, and (x6) 1x4 lumber. If anyone can help it'd be appreciated. Thanks!!!
27-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! We are seeking any baby gender neutral items!!! We literally just got rid of all our baby stuff only to find out a few days later we are expecting again! Thank you
26-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
recently lost our income and going through hard times.:: in nood of a bad for her, clothes 12-18 month and size 3 diapers. and anything else.. ty
26-Jun-2018Shepherdsville, KY(17 miles)Items Wanted
Want: broken trampoline,any size but preferably over 8', for project. Can haul at your convenience.
25-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
Please if you have any before giving them to a Goodwill please message me...
25-Jun-2018Louisville, KY(3 miles)Items Wanted
I will be using it for school in the fall it doesn't have to be new or expensive. I would just be very appreciative to have one.
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